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    Nothing is impossible.The word itself says I'm possible

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    Assurance Quality Care assist individuals with obtaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We help individuals develop the necessary skills to function independently in society.  We also empower ALL individuals to take control of their lives through education, counseling, life skills and wrap around services.

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    Assurance Quality Care offer clients completely unified strategy and operations consulting, a diverse and talented team of top counselors, advisors from top-tier management consulting firms, and specialized knowledge of the behavioral health system.


    Assurance Quality Care LLC is always interested in hiring dedicated professionals to become a part of the team. If you think you have the passion necessary to work with us please apply using the inquiry form below

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  • Staff

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Mental Health Professionals

    Psychiatrist & Psychologist

    Licensed Professional Counselors

    Licensed Graduate Professional Counselors

    Licensed Clinical Social Workers

    Licensed Graduate Social Workers

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


    Substance Abuse Professionals

    Nurse Practicitioners

    Certified Substance Abuse Counselors

    Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

    Behavioral Analyst

  • Resourceful Wellness


    One tree can start a forest;

    One smile can begin a friendship;

    One hand can lift a soul;

    One word can frame the goal;

    One candle can wipe out darkness;

    One laugh can conquer gloom;

    One hope can raise your spirits;

    One touch can show you care;

    One life can make the difference;

    be that ONE today.


    Author Unknown

  • Our Services

    Substance Abuse Counseling


    Our Counselors have specialized training to help you make lasting changes in the way you live your life so that you can successfully maintain a substance-free lifestyle.


    Alcohol Education Program DUI/DWI



    Alcohol Education Awareness Program to comply with the Court/Attorney, Probation, School conduct or personal reasons.


    Anger Management/Conflict Resolution



    We provide assistance with exploring the reasons behind your anger. If you don’t know why you are getting angry, it’s very hard to control. Therapy provides a safe environment to learn more about your reasons and identify triggers for your anger. Decrease conflict with self and others.


    Career and Vocational Counseling



    The counselor will conduct a series of interest, skill and personality assessments designed to help elicit information about what careers best suit an individual, will explain and discuss test results, and design a strategy for moving forward on a selected career path.


    Individual, Family, Marriage, Group Counseling

    Our counselors help our clients develop the skills and confidence they need to handle any crisis they may face. We look for the positive in each person and build on those strengths with a "no fail" approach.

    Psychological Assessment

    This is a process of testing along with a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about the individual and their behavior, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), personality and capabilities.

    Mentoring Program

    Mentoring is an essential leadership skill, in addition to managing and motivating youth. It it’s also important that you can help others learn, grow and become more effective in the transition towards adulthood.

    The mentoring program is a rewarding experience for the youth both personally and professionally. They can improve their leadership and communication skills and become productive members of society. They will learn new and perspectives ways of thinking, advance their careers options, and gain a great sense of personal satisfaction and build their self-esteem and self-worth.

    Tutoring Program

    We provide assistance with math, reading, writing, history and SAT preparation. We enhance testing and study skills and assist with understanding homework assignments.


    Our amazing team do more than teach they work with the student on learning how to use critical thinking daily. The tutors get to know each student, motivating and inspiring one student at a time, to discover his or her maximum potential.

  • Maryland Residents

    Psychiatric Rehabilation Program/PRP





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